Oct 27

Enter the Panther

So, Mac geek that I am, I went to the Panther party at the local Mac dealer Friday night to get OS X 10.3. Backed up the whole system and installed it after work on Saturday. So far, I haven’t encountered too many bugs, though I did notice the Finder has trouble scrolling horizontally if you’ve got a QuickTime movie or sound file playing as a preview. Although it’s slick and has a lot of nifty new features, sadly I can’t think of any compelling reason to recommend we buy it for our computers at work… at least not yet. I’m sure some reason will appear before 10.4 arrives.

So anyway, it means that I’ve got Panther on my G4. As for my old 6500/250:

Oct 21

The New Place

Well, I’m all moved in. (Have been for over a week, actually) Still having the occasional problem absent-mindedly walking to the wrong apartment, only to notice that there doesn’t seem to be anything inside it.

A tradeoff in the skywatching category: from the old apartment, just by the arrangement of the neighboring buildings, gave me a nice view of the ecliptic. Now I can’t see anything in the east, but I’ve got a nice low western horizon. Of course below that horizon it’s all highways, shopping centers, streetlights and lovely fundie billboards, so it’s not that great. But I’ll get some nice sunsets, thin crescent moons, and the occasional planet to see.

Oct 6

Yay, just what I wanted to do this weekend…

It’s official: I’m moving. Yes, this weekend I’m packing up all my worldly belongings, and relocating them approximately 112 feet to the north-northwest. From the lovely 1 bedroom apartment at point A to a slightly lovelier (by virtue of having two bedrooms) apartment at point B.

What can I say? It was a decent deal and I could probably use the extra space. Maybe for once I’ll be able to keep my accumulation of junk confined to the one extra room and keep all the others clean.


Oct 2

Returning the favor

Yeri has linked to me, so I shall link back. Yeri/Jerry is responsible for the little drawing of me that has graced nearly every incarnation of my personal web site ever since he scribbled it on a message board in Alexander dorm at UNC lo so many years ago: