Jan 26

Artist’s Rendition

Jan 23

Drew, this is why you keep the apartment clean. Cat, this is why you don’t lick random items

I know this would have been so much better had I actually taken a picture, and for that I apologize. But I really needed the 34-cent stamp that mere minutes ago was found stuck to my cat’s lower lip.

Jan 19

Can You Read It Now? Good.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually have to reinstall Linux on the old Mac. When I initially tried changing monitor resolutions, I noted a message that said that the old settings were being saved to some file with a .backup extension. Fortunately before I started playing with the monitor I’d already networked the 6500 and my G4. So I logged in to the Linux from the G4, did a massive search for any file that ended in “.backup” and found it.

Restoring the file didn’t do any good, but at least I now knew which file to fiddle with to get the monitor back. It took some trial and error and plenty of restarts to get it right.

So yeah, I didn’t have to reinstall, but that’s still way too much work. It’s kinda neat that I CAN do it that way, but it’s a pain that I HAVE to do it that way.