May 25

Okay, this is test number four

I’m just curious.

Woohoo! It worked!

May 25

This is either test number one or test number three, depending on how this goes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add all the old posts from the old blog and date them retroactively. There were two tests on the old blog, so in that sense this will end up being test number three. On the other hand, should I not be able to add old posts from old blogs, this will be test number one, and I will be somewhat bummed.

We shall see shortly…

Ah, never mind! By clicking the “More Post Options” thingy, there’s an option to play with the dates and times and stuff. Woohoo! Test number threeeeee!

(I’m getting far more excited about that than I really should. I’m just going to click ‘publish’ now and shut up.)

May 25

Future Plans

[note, 5/31/04: This is the last post from the previous incarnation of what I laughingly called a blog. The “someday” I referred to below came much sooner than I thought.]

This blog layout is gettin’ real embarrassing. Someday eventually when I can tear myself away from the Straight Dope board for more then 15 minutes I’m gonna see what I can do about doing something else with it. My temptation is to roll my own blog software, using XML and Perl and all sorts of fun goodies, but I’m sure I’d be better off just getting some other blog software with a little more flexibility. Ideally I’d like my own web server to play with, but I can’t yet afford the DSL connection that lets me host a site.

I think there were a few other things I was going to mention, like my quest to find a reasonable condo downtown, my much smaller but more productive quest to make gazpacho… and there was something else, too, but I can’t remember what it was. I’m sure it will come to me… Eventually. Anyway, now I’ve mentioned them and I’m too lazy now to elaborate. Such are the freedoms afforded by having a blog virtually nobody reads.

May 7

Ad infinitum

I can’t wait until everyone who was eligible to serve in Vietnam becomes too damn old to run for President.

May 4

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you.

May 4

Open Letter to President Bush

Dear Mr. President,

I, like you, am sickened and disgusted by the images of Iraqi prisoner abuse recently revealed. Whenever I see these images on TV or online or elsewhere, I feel a great shame come over me. Certainly this sort of thing has happened before, maybe countless times in the history of warfare, but only now thanks to the internet do these things come so easily to light. Even more reason for everyone to be careful how they represent themselves.

When I saw you on TV in the Rose Garden the other day making brief comments about the images, I noticed what I felt was a lack of obvious anger on your part. Not for a second do I believe that you weren’t angry – furious – at what has happened. But I do wish you would show it. You don’t have to use the phrase “heads will roll,” but that has to be the implication for the world to see, that you will not stand for this, and that someone will be held accountable. Shout it if you have to! Bang your fist on the lectern and say NO, we do not do this!

Will that get played on Al-Jazeera? I couldn’t say. But a lot of people around the world WILL be watching, and they need to hear it from the guy in charge.

Thank you for your time.