Oct 16

Regarding "Storm Front," or, Did I Call It, or What?


Just saw the second part of Enterprise’s fourth-season opener. Although the plot details are mostly different, I’d say there’s a striking similarity between this two-parter and the little script I offered up back in June.

  • Trip points to bullet holes in the shuttlecraft as evidence.
  • Weird time crap happens.
  • Daniels says goodbye, forever.
  • Enterprise ends up in orbit of Earth, ready to do something, anything else.

I mean, am I wrong here? The only thing I didn’t call was Silik kicking the bucket.

Manny, no need to send the twenty bucks I asked for. You’ve done a fine job positioning this series for interesting things to happen. You have a great challenge ahead. Make this good.

Oct 4

Supreme Court Gets Off To A Nice Start

One day in and the US Supreme Court has already made a couple of nice decisions. They’re not going to reconsider the legality of the do-not-call list. Sorry, telemarketers! They’re also not going to reconsider the case of former Alabama Supreme Court Doofus Roy Moore, and his big rock. (Can’t find a link for that at the moment, but I know I heard it on the radio a little bit ago.)

Two high fives to the Big Nine!

Oct 3

Stuff I Learn On TV, or, Just How Far Out Of It I Am

For some unknown reason, I decided to watch Saturday Night Live tonight. To my great surprise, I learned something.

I never knew until tonight that rap star “Nelly” was male.