Mar 30

How refreshing that 82% of Americans can actually agree on something. Namely that Congress should have stayed the hell out of the Schiavo case. This whole debacle has shown us that the Republicans cater to the “Religious Right” far too much, and the Democrats haven’t the guts to state an opinion.

Wouldn’t this be a nice time for a third party? And no, I’m not talking about any of the existing ones.

Mar 25

Ah, Mad Science, Gotta Love It

First it was the TWINKIES Project, then it was Peep Research. Now for something much less soft and mushy, the SOLAR DEATH RAY. What do you want to melt?

Mar 21

Nobody asked me, but:

Terri Schiavo’s husband is her next of kin. That should be all that matters. Yet it seems as though many of our Congresspeople have conveniently forgotten all about that “sanctity of marriage” bologna they’ve been yapping about since before the election.

Merely an observation.