Apr 29

It’s That Time Again…

It’s the second best part of a new major Apple operating system release: the obligatory twenty-odd page John Siracusa delving into OS X over at Ars Technica. To call it a mere “review” is a disservice – this guy goes from interface issues to the very UNIXy core and back again.

I’m on page nine now. This will keep me up late reading.

Apr 17

Best Marketing Tie-In EVAR!

Well, I feel as though I’ve been moaning about politics too much lately, so instead I’ll just register my happiness at finding “Darth Mix” Dark Side of the Force Dark Chocolate M&Ms. I personally couldn’t give a flying flip about Episode III, but dark chocolate is always good, even if it’s evil dark chocolate. And they picked cool colors too.

Anyway, that’s been the highlight of my day so far. Which should tell you something about the sorts of weekends I typically have.

Apr 16

Sorry, I Meant, "’Total Fucking Lunatics’ to the Right"

No, I don’t usually get my news and political insight from Rolling Stone. Yet if even half of this is true, it reinforces my point that any and all sane Republicans remaining should go and form another party and let these totally frightening morons flounder in their own ignorance, bigotry and hate.

Apr 4

Oh, and by the way:


That is all.