Jul 18

When All Else Fails

Use tables for layout. Yeah, I know. Tables Baaaad.

Personally I’ll just wait until W3C figures out a non-hackish sort of way to make web site columns with style sheets.

Jul 18

Among the Results of One Pot of Iced Coffee

Aaaand the renovation of the web site has begun. For some reason I can’t figure out yet, Blogger.com doesn’t want to render the side navigation bar right. Something strange is going on, because the style sheet works fine in a flat HTML file. Then again, the Blogger/Google folks don’t seem to have left any documentation lying around for doing this, so who knows?

Alas, the coffee has its limits, and I am beyond fixing it further this evening.

Jul 18

Too Damn Hot

Sunday, July 17, and the air conditioner is broken for the fourth time in seven days. Luckly the couch is directly underneath the ceiling fan. Luckly Mac OS X 10.4.2 has stabilized wireless Internet Sharing between my desktop and the mighty iBook. Luckily I have enough caramel for a couple batches of ice coffee. I just finished a big geek project for the web site at work, and am now seriously considering changing the design of this site.

Oh yeah, I forgot. ‘Never tell anyone about your unfinished plans because then you’ll never actually finish them.’ Forget I said anything.