Nov 18

Yeah, if I were a quadzillionaire, I could stand living in this part of town. Oh well.

Anyway, got to see the brand new Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Highly recommended if you’re in town.

* This one’s only five points.

Nov 16

Greetings from New York City. Two-day NASA workshop thingy starts tomorrow at the Rose Center of the AMNH. All about how to download and process satellite imagery with Photoshop and some other tools. Wheee! But now, off to go explore a little.

10 useless drewbert-points to anyone who gets the post title…

Nov 13

Tender Buttons

Totally bummed that I am not in Carrboro tonight to see Broadcast in concert at the Cat’s Cradle. At that crucial, last-minute moment I had to purchase plane tickets and make hotel reservations, I had a sudden bolt of frugality and rational thought and realised that it was an awful lot to spend on a hour and a half long concert. Even if it is (*whimper*) going to (*sniff*) be kick-ass.

And even if it means also missing out on the tour-only Microtronics 2 mini-album.


At least I found a music video. That makes me happier.

(One more link)

[edit 11/28/05: According to a forum post on the Broadcast web site by bassist James Cargill, the band had absolutely nothing to do with that video. “It just appeared,” he says.]

Nov 6

Just had to verify (as if there were any doubt) that the puzzle in today’s FoxTrot was solvable. It is, of course.

Only needed help from Google for the last one. Calculus was a long time ago.