Aug 24

So today I encountered a Chick Tract in the wild, for the very first time. I’d seen online rants about them, parodies of them, and plenty of threads on Straight Dope about them, but hadn’t ever seen one in person until I sat down on the bus this morning… and there it was, right next to me.

Normally it’s one of my missions in life to grab the nutcase propoganda that people leave around and take it to the nearest trash receptacle post haste, but since this was a genuine publication of Jack Chick, I had to grab it and peruse it later, presumably in order to see how long it would take for my head to explode.

As I was stuffing it into my bag (and I didn’t have to be very discreet about it since I was the only one on the bus besides the driver), I noticed another one about two seats ahead of me. This one had a cartoon picture of the Twin Towers on the cover next to the legend “So What?” I figured I’d try to pick that one up on the way off the bus. But at the next stop, the driver got up and retrieved it. I hoped that she was just going to stuff the trash in the little bin next to her seat, but as I got off the bus I saw she was reading it.

I hope she laughed derisively at it, as I plan to mine, shortly before I throw it out.

Aug 24

Get Out Of My Brain!

I wanted to state for the record, not that it matters, that this was my idea first. Who needs lights on the airplane to tell you when it’s OK to smoke when it never is? Why not replace them with lights that tell you when you can use electronic devices? Actually, this article is just about cell phone use, so my idea is better, anyway.

And just while I’m on the topic, Professor Frink stole my idea for mood pants, which I came up with years earlier.

I’m still quite bitter about that one.

Aug 20

So last Saturday there was a star party at Warner Park to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately, the site is a little light polluted these days and the weather was a bit hazy, so not many meteors were seen. Lots of people got looks at Jupiter, and I turned my scope on to Albireo just to have something different for people to look at. About 10:00 the fog started to roll in, and by 11 it was getting really bad. But as some people were walking back down the hill, a car with headlights on drove up – and it looked exactly like a scene out of the X-Files – people silhouetted against a mysterious bright light shining through dense fog. One of the astronomy club members had a cell phone camera on hand. It’s tiny, but here it is:

Aug 16

I need something fun to blog about instead.

Suggestions happily accepted.