Aug 20

So last Saturday there was a star party at Warner Park to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately, the site is a little light polluted these days and the weather was a bit hazy, so not many meteors were seen. Lots of people got looks at Jupiter, and I turned my scope on to Albireo just to have something different for people to look at. About 10:00 the fog started to roll in, and by 11 it was getting really bad. But as some people were walking back down the hill, a car with headlights on drove up – and it looked exactly like a scene out of the X-Files – people silhouetted against a mysterious bright light shining through dense fog. One of the astronomy club members had a cell phone camera on hand. It’s tiny, but here it is:

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  • jaded mystic Said on August 21st, 2006 at 3:18 pm:

    Man! I’m gonna be whistling the theme song all morning now and I wasn’t even there.