Feb 18

OK, So I Gave In.

So an entire two posts back (hey, that’s over a month!) I declared to the world my dislike and distrust for cable companies. Had I been a slight bit less terse, I might have mentioned that I had no desire for any more television channels to soak up time, and no interest in sending money to yet another monopoly.

However, I’ve now waited seven years for DSL to become available to this location. There’s even a nice, probably non-monopolistic DSL provider in town, but out here in the sticks (three miles south of downtown Nashville) DSL service has yet to appear.

So I gave in. I’ve now got limited basic cable, and finally broadband at home. Ain’t I a little hypocrite! Wheee! Anyway I’ll be ditching Earthlink shortly, and then the landline phone, probably.

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