Mar 30

Well, that wasn’t all that bad. Still plenty of tweakage to go.

Mar 29

OK, that’s weird…

I must’ve seriously hosed this web site last night trying to halt the migration to Google’s servers mid-way through. My previous post doesn’t actually show up on the web site (and this one probably won’t either)… but I just had a reply to it land in my email inbox! Hmmm…. ::mumbles something technical::

Mar 29

Moving to WordPress, one way or another…

Not that there’s a lot of action here, but it seems I’m soon going to have to move this here blog away from and host using WordPress instead., not wanting to support FTP uploads anymore, would like us all to migrate our data over to Google’s very own web servers. Generally I trust Google more than maybe I should, but in this case I think I’ll just use my own web host, thankya kindly.

So that means I get to learn WordPress. And convert two blogs. By May 1. Yay.